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Corporate Documents

NT Health

2021/22 Annual Report design for NT Health 

📝 136 pages
🌀 44 Infographics
⏳ 4 week turnaround

The client wanted an eye catching modern report with more visuals to illustrate statistics. 

Aboriginal Investment Group

A 94 page Annual Report designed to showcase the achievements of Aboriginal Investment Group (AIG) throughout the year. The brochure includes infographic design to visually represent statistics, map design, dividing pages and more.

Larrakia Nation

A 80 page Annual Report designed to showcase the success and achievements of Larrakia Nation throughout the year. The brochure includes a custom art piece for the cover by an Indigenous artist. We created infographics to visually represent statistics, illustrations based on the artwork that were used throughout, dividing pages and more.

Jacana Energy

The Energy Efficiency Guide is a 30 page booklet with information and tips on how to save power and water. The information is represented with visually engaging images and graphics for the reader to easily digest.

Department of Health

Territory Families

City of Palmerston

Aboriginal Health Plan

Youth Diversion Program

Inclusive, Diverse & Accessible Policy Framework

Territory Families

Department of Education

Larrakia Nation

Aboriginal Workforce Plan

School Counselling Service Action Plan

Annual Report | 2020-2021

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